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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Here at Private Halls we have regularly stressed what the benefits of moving into private student residential halls are but there‚Äôs also a flipside when looking for student accommodation. That’s because lots of students are looking for help and advice when it comes to inspecting a private student property.

Listed 8 years ago

Finding student accommodation in many towns and cities can be stressful at the best of times but that should not be the case for those looking for private student halls. Particularly in places like London where there’s strong demand for rented property, private student residential halls are growing in number.

Listed 9 years ago

There’s a growing trend for students to move into private student halls and here’s a checklist of what they should consider taking when they do move. Leaving home for the first time may mean it is an emotional journey but for those who are moving into quality private student halls also means they are moving into a home-from-home environment.

Listed 9 years ago

Here on we recently featured the issue of finding a student property after the first year of this article highlights on what tips to look for. There’s no doubt that private student residential halls offer top-quality accommodation in a safe and secure environment that offers a home-from-home experience.

Listed 9 years ago