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Private Halls for students aren’t just for the wealthy

Posted on September 21, 2015 by Ceri in Private Halls, Rental Advice

With students beginning or returning to their university careers, some people may believe that private halls for students are just aimed at wealthy young people.

Here at the Private Halls we cannot stress enough that this is not the case and there’s a wide range of rents and properties available for students who want to live in a private halls of residence.

We say this because in the last few weeks there’s been a noticeable trend in media outlets focusing on wealthy students spending enormous amounts of money on their London student rental properties.

The figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency which has revealed that there are more than 100,000 international students living in London who will spend more than £1.3 billion on subsistence and accommodation.

Around £600 million of this is for renting their private student halls of residence or student lets.

This figure is arrived at when students from overseas who come from wealthy families opt to live in prime London areas such as Knightsbridge and Mayfair.

Average rent for student accommodation

Indeed, the average rent for student accommodation in these areas could be around £72,000 a year.

Even wealthy students who decide to live in Camden are spending around £1,500 a month on their rental accommodation.

However, one student accommodation expert who specialises in providing private student rental homes in the capital said that the proportion of students paying these figures is ‘tiny’.

He told a national newspaper that while there is a lot of investment at the top end of the market, a lot of students are still opting for private halls which have their bills included so students are paying around £160 a week to live in London.

The expert also revealed that most international students who opt to live in London are doing so cost effectively and that London does not have to be a dear place for studying.

A spokeswoman for the London Universities International Partnership told the same paper that there are students who want to live in the best areas and are ‘willing to pay’ for the experience.

She pointed out that students opting to live there, not only come from wealthy families but who also have experience of living and shopping in areas like Chelsea and Kensington.

Private halls for students offer a marvellous experience

Essentially, private halls for students offer a marvellous experience in modern purpose-built accommodation that many enjoy and can live in for the entire duration of their studies.

Most of these student residential halls come with all mod cons, security and the opportunity to mix with fellow tenants in comfortable relaxing areas and so many private halls also have cinemas, games rooms, sport rooms as well as gyms.

However, for most people the real attraction for living in a private student residential hall is the fact that the rent is reasonable and includes all of their bills so there are no unexpected budgeting surprises.


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