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Private halls for students break new ground

Posted on March 14, 2016 by kristine in Private Halls, Student Halls

With growing demand for private halls for students means that developers and accommodation providers are striving to meet this need.

While many quality private residential halls are being created from modern buildings with a sympathetic conversion process, other developers are building new developments that impress.

However, here at we are always pleased to read about new ways of delivering private student accommodation and one firm in the North East has just delivered a major development in less than a year.

They’ve effectively done this by designing and importing prefabricated containers which already contain the student’s bedroom and bathroom.

Impressive finished private residential halls for students

They are then built on-site by simply connecting the pods together to create the impressive finished private residential halls for students.

Using prefab modular construction is a method that is growing in popularity in the construction industry and has been used often for hotels and for creating social housing.

Now it appears that quality private halls the students will now be made more often in this way.

Students who decide to live in modular private residential halls will find all the mod cons that they will expect including fast Wi-Fi connection and other facilities too.

Indeed, the developer says that students will be able to enjoy hotel-style accommodation but only pay student rents.

The first modular private residential student halls in the UK

The developer says that the 270-bedroom development is the first modular private residential student halls in the UK.

The rooms are mixture of self-contained studios as well as en-suite student rooms and in addition to fast broadband, there’s also satellite TV fitted.

The developer says there is strong demand for quality private halls for students and that the older type of residential halls, as well as student accommodation generally, is coming under strong pressure to improve their offering as students are increasingly expecting more for their money.

The new modular student halls are located close to the city centre and the university campus as well as a really good range of amenities including bars, cafes and restaurants.

Along with other major new developments, students there can expect a quality home with a manned reception desk and security as well as excellent maintenance levels to ensure the new development remains as a prestigious and impressive place to live.

Indeed, with the superior quality of private residential halls for students improving it should come as no surprise that they are growing in demand, especially when the rents are compared with some student accommodation providers.


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