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Private Residential Halls for Students: Create Your Own Space

Posted on December 4, 2017 by kristine in Private Halls, Rental Advice, Student Accommodation

While there are many newspaper and online articles about the quality of private residential halls for students in the UK, relatively few of them focus on how to create your own space while at the university.

Indeed, there are simple ways for a student to create a room that they will want to spend time in without having any design skills and having nice accessories as well.

This is despite most private halls for students being new developments so they have all of the mod cons including a double bed, a large flatscreen TV, ensuite facilities and some have a kitchenette as well.

Some developers also employ the services of an experienced interior designer so the rooms are eye-catching and trendy; though students can still stamp their own personality on a room they will spend the next year living in for their studies.

The best way for those who want to create a room that reflects their personality or indeed to brighten what might be a dull space is to create the illusion of light and space.

Students heading to private residential halls

Students heading to private residential halls should invest in soft furnishings such as cushions, linen and a rug with bright patterns or shades to help draw the eye from the bland colours the room may have.

Also, even a small amount of greenery could have a big impact in a small space.

However, students should opt for rugged houseplants rather than flowers so they require little care.

Another great tip for students to make their private residential hall’s room look more spacious is to place a mirror or two strategically so they bounce light around the space.

There’s also a need to reduce small lamps so along with a desk lamp, students should have a bedside lamp as well as a floor lamp which will create a better effect than simply relying on overhead lights.

Another issue for students looking to create a productive study area will come down to storage.

Living in private residential halls for students

This means organising your belongings into things that should be hidden, such as private papers and out of season clothes, to the things that you will need every day such as toiletries and coursework while living in private residential halls for students.

One good idea for extra storage is to buy large storage tubs that can be easily rolled under a bed or furniture and there may be a need for clear storage boxes and magazine files as well.

Essentially, private residential halls for students offer a great place to live while studying at university but with a few design tips, a student can create a unique living space to help them enjoy their time in their private halls.


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