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Quality Private Student Halls Praised Again

Posted on July 20, 2015 by Ceri in Life in the UK, Private Halls, Rental Advice

We have mentioned previously on the student private halls website that the quality of accommodation has improved hugely in recent years.

We have also flagged up the reviews from journalists writing for newspapers about the private student accommodation available in their towns and cities.

So it should come as no surprise as yet another article reveals the impressive private halls offering now available to today’s students.

Except that this particular article has focused on the luxury end of the sector – and it is a very popular one – with a comparison to five-star hotels.

The article underlines the fact that demand for luxury private halls has grown in recent years and students, though it’s particularly their parents, are more discerning.

No cramped rooms in private student halls

This means that they will no longer put up with cramped rooms, single beds, shared kitchens and bathrooms.

There’s also no need to worry about water leaks and mould in what most people consider to be the standard student digs of yesteryear.

Though this particular article also highlights the fact that students today are going to University with high expectations – they are having to pay for their degrees and want a lot for their money.

This means that, as a result, they are more focused on being career-driven with clear ambitions.

This is reflected in their demands for better quality student accommodation during their studies.

More students to live in quality private halls

Growing numbers of students from overseas are also opting to live in quality private halls for students rather than in grubby student homes.

The chief executive from a provider of quality private halls for students said that today’s students leave a stressful and busy life and want to live in a safe and comfortable environment.

He added that they are also looking for a home that is not only unique but has a sense of community and a touch of luxury.

This, in turn, is being provided by a growing plethora student accommodation providers who are striving to meet this demand.

The chief executive added that student demands have changed enormously over the past five years and private residential halls providers are evolving to meet their changing needs.

Students are dissatisfied with traditional accommodation

Another chief executive interviewed for the article pointed to the fact that a growing number of students are dissatisfied with their accommodation.

He put this down to the fact that student expectations for their accommodation are rising rather than the condition of students’ accommodation dropping.

Private halls for students are also providing more self-contained studio apartments with growing demand from postgraduate and mature students who do not want to share.

Indeed in central London, providers of quality accommodation for students are saying that the student halls are now becoming rather like five star hotels.

However, not all students need to break the bank to live in quality halls of residence and there are impressive new builds dotted around the UK offering reasonable rents.


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