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Student Clearing – How to Find Quality Student Accommodation

Posted on September 10, 2015 by Ceri in Private Halls, Rental Advice

It’s the busiest time of year for student landlords and accommodation providers with growing demand for private student halls of residence.

With many students now finding courses through clearing, others are facing the prospect of having to find suitable student accommodation by themselves.

This is made more difficult because they are usually heading to an area they know very little about and do not know what type of accommodation is available.

Most universities will provide student halls of residence for their first years though some are struggling to provide enough accommodation which means demand is high.
In addition, the university, along with the student union, will have a list of alternative but university-approved accommodation.

Sharing a student home off-campus

This will include things like how sharing a student home off-campus which is popular since new students get to share with other first years or older students.

With clearing becoming a popular route to university for many, most universities will set aside some accommodation in their halls of residence for those who apply late.

For many young people heading to university for the first time, their halls of residence is a great way to socialise with fellow students and enjoy their student life.

As with all types of student accommodation, university-provided residencies vary in quality and standards.

It should also be noted that with high demand, most students will have their accommodation offered on a first-come, first-served basis with students from clearing pick up what may be left.

Private halls of residence have high standards

However, an increasingly popular route for many students is to opt for private halls of residence which have high standards and the opportunity of living there for the duration of a degree course.

There are a number of excellent providers of student halls of residence and though they are slightly dearer than university accommodation they do offer all-inclusive fees which means the student won’t have any unexpected bills to pay.

These properties also require the student to pay a small deposit but there are support staff on hand during their stay.

In addition, private halls of student residences usually have some excellent facilities on offer that university halls do not have including gyms, a cinema and shops.

Many also have areas to socialise and some also have coffee shops.

Private halls for students are popular

These private halls for students are popular because they are usually in new purpose-built blocks close to the campus or in city centres where there’s a lot for students to do.

Travelling to and from these private halls is usually easy as they are close to popular bus routes or the campus is within walking distance.

The comfort levels and quality are high and many of these private halls for students include en-suite bathrooms, free Wi-Fi and the opportunity to share larger studio flats with a friend.

For many of today’s students, the option of living in a modern student private halls of residence is an attractive one as they have little resemblance to the type of accommodation that parents may have had to endure while they were studying for degrees many years ago.


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