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Students Prefer Living in Private Residential Halls

Posted on April 16, 2015 by Ceri in Private Halls

The headline isn’t an idle boast from but is the result of research from the Higher Education Statistics Agency.

Their report underlines the trend towards choosing student halls of residence which means that fewer students are willing to share a ‘traditional’ student home.

This means that the typical depiction of a rundown property, as seen in TV’s The Young Ones, is quickly becoming redundant.

Instead, students today are now looking to live in accommodation that includes en-suite facilities, a plush kitchen, Wi-Fi, big-screen TVs and, in some cases, on-site gyms.

Some private halls of residence also have reading rooms and private cinemas.

Purpose-built private halls for students

One of the big attractions for the trend is that many of these purpose-built private halls for students have round-the-clock security and electronic entry systems.

According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency, the number of students who are living in privately owned halls has doubled in just seven years.

The agency also highlights that this trend will continue.

Another underlying trend for the increasing popularity, is that many universities are struggling to find homes for their first year students in traditional accommodation.

With the growing numbers of students attending university the demand on student accommodation has risen dramatically.

Student private halls ‘growing in popularity’

Real estate firm Knight Frank said student private halls were growing in popularity because they had the convenience of offering a rent that was inclusive of all bills which included internet access.

Another popular aspect for student tenants is that private halls offer a secure environment in which to live.

One private hall provider, Collegiate AC, said there has also been a trend of first-year students choosing not to move into a shared property but opting instead for a student hall of residence.

The firm says there’s been a 40% increase in the last year for demand and nearly two-thirds of those living in their accommodation are second and third year students.

Privately owned student halls are ‘sought-after’

A spokesman for the firm said: “There has been a significant change in student accommodation with privately owned student halls becoming a much sought-after option.

“Students are looking to get more of a lifestyle with their accommodation including extra facilities and communal areas.”

The firm believes that in offering quality student halls of residence they are enhancing the student’s experience of university.

The spokesman added: “The combination of contemporary and comfortable apartments in a relaxing and secure environment is a top choice for university students.”


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