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The choice in private residential halls for students

Posted on February 29, 2016 by kristine in Accommodation for Students, Student Accommodation

Along with the quality in private residential halls for students there’s also an impressive range of choice and rents too.

Here at we have focused on the impressive offering that private developers are offering students when it comes to their homes and why students are increasingly turning to the higher standards rather than renting a landlord’s property.

However, with this boom in the number of students opting to live in private halls, comes a boom in the number of private halls for students being offered.

Most private residential halls for students are located close to a campus and also town centres so it’s easy to get to lectures and access the students’ lifestyle as well.

Private halls have all-inclusive rents

The other big attraction for students is that these private halls have all-inclusive rents which means there will be no unexpected bills such as having to pay for the electricity.

The rent also includes a fast Wi-Fi connection which is a very popular option for students when choosing where they are going to live.

Developers are also offering a wide choice of facilities within their properties which also impacts on the rent being charged. Most private student halls also come with security and on-site staff too which helps to bring peace of mind.

There’s no doubt that the investment in private halls by developers means that these new properties, or recently converted properties, have all the mod cons that young people looking for. In many cases, they offer a real home-from-home experience and there’s no need for students to live in grotty student properties.

Private residential halls for students

It’s also important to remember that private residential halls for students are not just popular with young people from the UK but also with students from overseas and mature students too.

Many of these foreign students are looking for high comfort levels, a good location and excellent facilities for a reasonable all-inclusive rent.

Indeed, most university towns and cities in the UK now have a broad range of private halls for students to choose from and they also offer a wide range of rents to suit budgets as well.

There’s also another reason why purpose-built student accommodation is growing in popularity and that’s the fact the student can remain in them for the duration of their studies; there’s no need to go student home hunting every year and compromise a person’s living standards.

So when we talk about the choice in private residential student halls we really talk about the range of developments and their facilities within them – most of these halls were not around even a few years ago but with the numbers of young people going to university increasing, then the choice in private halls will grow alongside it.


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