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Tips on what to look for in private student residential halls

Posted on January 4, 2016 by Ceri in Private Halls, Student Accommodation, Student Halls

Here on we recently featured the issue of finding a student property after the first year of this article highlights on what tips to look for.

There’s no doubt that private student residential halls offer top-quality accommodation in a safe and secure environment that offers a home-from-home experience.

There’s no reason for students and their families to fear that the traditional image of student accommodation of having to live in a run-down, poorly managed property as this is a thing of the past.

The growth in private student residential halls means that developers are offering purpose-built blocks or converting current accommodation into a higher quality offering.

First-year student looking for new student accommodation

So a first-year student looking for new student accommodation for their second-year study will need to include contemplating who they should be sharing a student house with.

It’s never too early to begin looking for student property to share and students need to be aware that their friendships and relationships can, and probably will, change between now and when they move into a property.

The dangers here include having signed for a student property then someone may drop out leaving the students to struggle to find a replacement at short notice. The landlord will keep the students to their tenancy agreement regardless of someone having dropped out.

The benefit of a private residential hall for students is that most of the accommodation is a hub-based sharing plan so they will have a big room with ensuite facilities and then share a kitchen and living space on the same floor.

Private halls for students

There will also be other communal areas within the building and some private halls for students will also have games rooms, TV rooms and study areas where they can meet friends.

For many reasons, students have traditionally been encouraged to find their second-year accommodation by the time they return home for the Christmas holidays.

This does sound as if the accommodation has been organised far in advance but with strong demand on student accommodation, there’s no reason why a student should not begin their search as early as possible.

Students can find properties by visiting letting agents and properties offered directly by landlords who will advertise in the university after being vetted by the university authorities and usually by the students’ union too.

Private student accommodation will be large

The other issue to consider when searching for second-year student accommodation is how many people a student is planning to share a property with. Generally, private student accommodation will be large and there may be rooms for up to eight people to share the property.

This may sound like it’s going to be a great opportunity for fun and lasting friendships will be made but there are various stresses and strains on relationships with so many people having to share and ground rules will need to be set and kept before minor issues with behaviours and attitudes become serious problems.


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