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What to take when moving into private student halls

Posted on January 11, 2016 by Ceri in Private Halls, Student Accommodation, Student Halls

There’s a growing trend for students to move into private student halls and here’s a checklist of what they should consider taking when they do move.

Leaving home for the first time may mean it is an emotional journey but for those who are moving into quality private student halls also means they are moving into a home-from-home environment.

Many first-year students get to enjoy university provided halls of residence before having to find private student accommodation for their second and third years of study.

This may mean opting to move into private student halls of residence rather than into a student house, for example.

Private student halls are also open to first years since the quality accommodation provides security and lots of amenities as well as being well-located for lectures and student life.

Moving into private halls for students

The main thing to remember when moving into private halls for students is to travel light. While private student halls have studio flats with all the mod cons it does mean that the student will not have to ferry a desk and chair.

However, they will be needing a desk lamp and bin, for example. It’s also worthwhile checking if the student apartment has a toaster, kettle and cleaning utensils provided and if not then take them with you.

All students will also need bedding and it’s a good idea to take two or three sets of bedding to account for one set being in the wash.

It’s normal for beds in the private student halls to be doubles so the student will need bedding that fits. Also check whether there is a duvet provided and if not then take one with you.

There will be enough storage space for clothes within a private student hall’s room and it would be a good idea to take a range of basic cleaning products, including washing-up liquid.

Living in private residential halls

Students who are living in private residential halls should also remember to take the items they use every day such as toothpaste, shampoo and face products.

There will also need to take bath towels and bath mat as well as hand towels.

Other essentials for students moving into private student residential halls will include taking painkillers as well as remedies for cold and flu.

Finally, as the world becomes ever more connected, students should also take with them their charger units and extension leads so they can work without interruption on their laptops utilising the fast Wi-Fi connection in their private student halls of residence.


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