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Why private residential halls for students draw investors

Posted on March 21, 2016 by kristine in Private Halls, Student Accommodation, Student Halls

A recent article aimed at Italian property investors caught our eye here at because it highlighted why private residential halls for students in the UK continue to draw investors from around the world.

The writer makes clear that the quality offering in these residential halls does not come cheap because they offer a lot of luxury for the students.

By focusing on the purpose-built student accommodation market, the article says that Italian investors are increasingly attracted to investing in student residential halls.

To underpin this, the sector is one of the best performing for investors with demand continuing to grow for quality student accommodation.

Private residential halls are specifically designed for students

Private residential halls are specifically designed for students and are close to university campuses and offer a range of attractive benefits including laundry, a manned reception area, common areas and parking for some.

The more luxurious of these private residential halls offer saunas, gyms and swimming pools along with other exclusive services. Here at we have highlighted previously that one American-backed private residential hall has a tenpin bowling alley.

For anybody interested in moving into a private residential hall should appreciate that these come in two distinct categories. The first is to rent a student pod which has a bedroom but shared kitchen and common area.

The second option is to choose a bedroom in a private residential hall which will either be a studio or an en-suite room which usually has a private kitchen and bathroom.

Quality of private residential halls for students

With student number growing by around 50% over the last 10 years, and the number of foreign students rocketing by 22% over the past five years, demand will continue to grow and, along with that demand, the quality of private residential halls for students will continue to impress.

There’s no doubt that investment in private residential halls is a good move because they offer safety and security for those living there and good returns.

For the student tenants, the rents are reasonable for the offering and it’s possible to live in a private hall for the entire duration of a student’s studies – unlike university-provided halls of residence which are only available for first year students. Growing numbers of universities, however, are struggling to meet the demand and may not offer guaranteed residential halls to all of their students.

This means that students will need to look at private student accommodation and private residential halls in growing numbers but for those who do move into private halls will find quality is the key word to deliver a remarkable living experience during their student years.


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