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Avoid student accommodation shortages with private halls

Posted on September 25, 2015 by Ceri in Private Halls, Rental Advice

As we have highlighted previously on the pages of Private Halls, growing demand from students means some will face a severe shortage of private student rental accommodation.

This has been brought home to us by a survey carried out by a student website which reveals that another issue facing students is that landlords are increasingly opting to let their properties to young professionals.

The website analysed the private shared property that was available in the UK’s top 25 university towns and cities and found that 40% of them were not available for students.

The worst cities with a lack of student homes are Edinburgh and Oxford, says the website.

In addition, the number of older students returning to education is also adding to the demand on shared student accommodation.

The website says that most Freshers will turn up to begin their university career expecting that their accommodation will be ready and waiting though for some this will not be the case.

Students affected by a shortage of accommodation

A spokesman for the site said: “Students affected by a shortage of accommodation in Reading and Oxford are facing a scramble to find somewhere to live.”

One potential solution to this growing problem is for a student to take a closer look at the availability of private halls which are often in purpose-built accommodation blocks.

In addition, private residential halls for students are generally found near to their campus and have very good transport links.

The growing popularity of such private halls is being fuelled by a need from students looking for quality accommodation that includes bills so there are no unexpected financial surprises.

Rent a room in a private student halls

Unlike university residential halls, and most student rental accommodation, a student can rent a room in a private student halls for the entire duration of their studies.

There are a wide range of reasons why young people decide to live in private halls and many enjoy the facilities which include cinema rooms, breakout areas and libraries. Some private halls even come with games rooms and bowling alleys.

However, because most of the properties are purpose-built, security is a major consideration of the developer and most private halls have a manned reception desk and security provision around the clock.

As demand for student places continues to grow in the UK, along with growing demand from overseas students, the shortage of quality student accommodation, particularly university provided halls, will become an ever growing problem.

This means that students looking to rent a property for their studies need to prepare and do their research in advance and by doing so they should look carefully at private residential halls for students as being the best choice available.


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